Future AIXM version 5.2

AIXM 5.2 is scheduled for publication in Q1 2020, with a Release Candidate expected in February 2020. This page contains information about the AIXM Change Control Board (CCB) work in progress and will be updated regularly with information about issues that are being discussed, change proposals, publication calendar, etc.

Current status

At the end of October 2019, a total of 188 open “issues” were recorded in the JIRA tool used by the CCB and around 95% are considered for resolution the AIXM 5.2 update process. The following chart shows a distribution of these issues per their status:

These issues range from small/localized bugs and improvements (such as corrections to definitions of terms), to new capabilities such as support for free route airspace data and an extensive model for seaplane landing areas.

None of these issues was identified as a blocking point for the use of AIXM 5.1 in the coding of the digital data sets prescribed by the revised ICAO Annex 15 (AIP data sets, Instrument Flight Procedures Data sets, Obstacle data sets, Airport mapping data sets). However, the AIXM 5.2 version will certainly facilitate the provision of the new data sets, in particular for the Instrument Flight Procedures Data Sets.

Another objective for AIXM 5.2 is to improve the interoperability of aeronautical data (AIXM) with the flight data (FIXM) domain and with the MET data (iWXXM) domain. This includes the introduction of the "deprecation" mechanism for features/properties that are no longer used or are replaced by a new concept, where a common approach was agreed in a cross-XM coordination effort.

Change proposals

The following change proposals have been approved until now:

  • AIXM-142            Correct association cardinalities
  • AIXM-398            New aerodrome reference code for Runway
  • AIXM-401            Use of term UA(S) instead of UAV
  • AIXM-402            Add ICAO Country code to DesignatedPoint and Navaid
  • AIXM-337            Design standard extended to additional features
  • AIXM-403            ProcedureTransition associated with one or more AirportHeliport
  • AIXM-391            Allow lower case in names
  • AIXM-404            Add <<object>> persistent identifiers
  • AIXM-399            Obstacle name, location and designator
  • AIXM-322            Obstacle visual marking new property
  • AIXM-321            Aerodrome surface preparation additional values
  • AIXM-318            Runway side additional value
  • AIXM-339            Runway marking type additional value
  • AIXM-319            Aerodrome surface composition additional value
  • AIXM-338            Aerodrome surface condition values clarification
  • AIXM-340            Aerodrome type additional values
  • AIXM-341            Navigation equipment capability additional values
  • AIXM-405            Allow more OrganisationAuthority associated with AirportHeliport
  • AIXM-406            New association CheckpointINS to Aircraft Stand
  • AIXM-411            Update of aircraft wake turbulence categories
  • AIXM-407            Additional value for flight status
  • AIXM-415            Add segmented circle indicators
  • AIXM-414            Add name property to AirspaceVolume
  • AIXM-408            Additional visual slope indicator position attributes
  • AIXM-412            Add possibility to specify a timezone for airports
  • AIXM-413            Additional taxi holding position property


  • AIXM-344            Rules for deprecation
  • AIXM-245            Namespace policy for new AIXM versions
  • AIXM-343            AIXM version naming policy

The complete descriptions of these change proposals and the result of the CCB consultation will be made available on the AIXM/Confluence web site.

This will be followed by two or three more batches of AIXM change proposals, until the publication of the first AIXM 5.2 Release Candidate around end March 2020.