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CADAS-AIMDB is a fully featured AIXM 5 database that implements the temporality model as defined in version 5 of AIXM. It is designed to serve as a base for integrating AIM applications and components such as electronic AIP, Charting, NOTAM Office or Briefing. Converting from AIXM 4.5 to AIXM 5 enables data exchange with any third party tool which is capable of reading and writing AIXM. 

Based on SOA principles CADAS-AIMDB allows to create a net-centric AIM system. The open interfaces are fully in-line with contemporary SWIM concepts and assure compatibility to SESAR and NextGen system architectures.


The standard version of CADAS-AIMDB covers all types of features and objects defined by AIXM 5 and provides full support for extensions and meta data. By fully supporting AIXM 5 application schemas, the database allows inclusion of models that are based on the concepts of AIXM 5 like ANXM, eASM, etc.

For other AIM applications such as electronic AIP or charting the database facilitates the storage of additional custom specific information that is not defined by AIXM 5. Custom specific information can be linked to standard AIXM 5 features using bi-directional references. All these extensions can be easily customised for any kind of AIM application by fusing proprietary and standardised information.

CADAS-AIMDB provides a platform and language independent SOAP interface that handles native AIXM 5 data. The data retrieval supports temporal and geometric selection. 

A standard WFS is implemented by CADAS-AIMDB and provides access to the aeronautical information for all clients that comply with WFS 2.0 standard. Highly efficient workflows between data originators and AIS application managers are guaranteed by EC 73/2010 compliant web-based electronic Input Forms (eIF).The following list gives an overview of CADAS-AIMDB's key features:

  • Complete AIXM 5 data model
  • Support for extensions, application schemas, and non-AIXM data
  • Administrative and maintenance functions
  • EUROCONTROL compliant Static Data Procedures
  • Access control
  • Charging and monitoring
  • Import from and export to AIXM 4.5
  • EAD interface for Data User and Data Provider
  • Sound data validation suite
  • Report engine
  • Audit trail for tracking changes

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