Class - Procedure

<< feature >> Abstract AIXM_v.5.1.1.AIXM.AIXM Features.Procedure.Procedure Overview
<<feature>> A series of predetermined manoeuvres with specified protection from obstacles.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition  
communicationFailureInstruction TextInstructionType Operational instructions which must be observed in case of communication failure.  
instruction TextInstructionType Some free text to describe operational instructions (other than communication failure instructions) which must be respected when flying the Procedure.  
designCriteria CodeDesignStandardType Rules used in the design of the procedure.  
codingStandard CodeProcedureCodingStandardType The set of rules followed when encoding the procedure legs  
flightChecked CodeYesNoType Indicates if the procedure has been flight checked.  
name TextNameType The name of the instrument procedure.  
RNAV CodeYesNoType Indicates the procedure is an RNAV procedure  

Navigable associations to Procedure

From Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
NavigationAreaRestriction isAppliedTo 0..* procedure A series of predetermined manoeuvres with specified protection from obstacles  
AirTrafficControlService controls 0..* clientProcedure The procedure on which the air traffic control service is provided.  
InformationService concerns 0..* clientProcedure The procedure for which the information is provided.  

List of subclasses