Class - Surface

<< object >> AIXM_v.5.1.1.AIXM.AIXM Features.Geometry
<<object>> A 2-dimensional primitive and is composed of one or more surface patches as specified in ISO 19107:2003, The surface patches are connected to one another.


This is a specialization of the GM_Surface class and it inherits all attributes and associations of that class.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition  
horizontalAccuracy ValDistanceType The difference between the recorded horizontal coordinates of a surface and its true position referenced to the same geodetic datum expressed as a circular error at 95 percent probability.  

Navigable associations to Surface

From Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
AerialRefuellingAnchor hasExtent 0..1 extent The Surface extent of the AerialRefuellingAnchor.  
AirspaceVolume hasBoundary 0..1 horizontalProjection The surface defining the horizontal shape of the AirspaceVolume.  
RadioFrequencyArea isDefinedBy 0..* extent The graphical area described for the RadioFrequencyArea.  
SafeAltitudeAreaSector isPortrayedBy 0..1 extent The graphical area described for the Safe Area sector.  
ObstacleArea hasExtent 0..1 surfaceExtent Extent of the obstacle area.  
CirclingRestriction isDepictedBy 0..1 restrictionArea The geographical depiction of the Circling restriction.  
PointReference hasFixError 0..1 fixToleranceArea  
ObstacleAssessmentArea hasExtent 0..1 surface The geographical representation of the Assessment Area.  
CirclingArea isIllustratedBy 0..1 extent The geographic depiction of the circling area  
TerminalArrivalAreaSector shows 0..1 extent The graphical area described for the Terminal Arrival sector.  
TerminalArrivalArea projects 0..1 buffer The graphical area describing the buffer defined around a Terminal Arrival Area.  
NavigationAreaSector isPortrayedBy 0..1 extent The surface extent of the navigation area sector.  
GM_Surface Segmentation 1..* patch Inherited from GM_SurfacePatch

List of subclasses

This class is specialized into: ElevatedSurface