Class - AirTrafficControlService

<< feature >> Logical View.AIXM.AIXM Features.Service
<<feature>> A kind of service that provides control and separation services to aircraft in the air.


This is a specialization of the TrafficSeparationService class and it inherits all attributes and associations of that class.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition    
type CodeServiceATCType The type of air traffic control service provided.    
radarAssisted CodeYesNoType A code indicating if the service is provided with radar assistance. Inherited from TrafficSeparationService  
dataLinkEnabled CodeYesNoType Indicates if Controller-Pilot Data-Link Communication (CPDLC) is available in support of the service. Inherited from TrafficSeparationService  
dataLinkChannel CodeCommunicationChannelType The channel on which the data-link takes place, if applicable. Inherited from TrafficSeparationService  
flightOperations CodeFlightDestinationType The destination (arriving, departing, etc.) of the flights for which the information is provided. Inherited from Service  
rank CodeFacilityRankingType The order of priority of the service, such as "primary" or "alternate". Inherited from Service  
compliantICAO CodeYesNoType A code indicating whether the service is compliant with the ICAO standards and recommended practices specified for this type of service. Inherited from Service  
name TextNameType A free text name by which the service is identified. Inherited from Service