Class - Airspace

<< feature >> Logical View.AIXM.AIXM Features.Airspace
<<feature>> A defined three dimensional region of space relevant to air traffic.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition    
type CodeAirspaceType A code indicating the general structure or characteristics of a particular airspace.    
designator CodeAirspaceDesignatorType A published sequence of characters allowing the identification of the airspace. Description: Typical examples are the ID of the Danger, Prohibited, Temporary segregated Areas, etc.    
localType TextNameType A type designator used locally (inside a State or a Region) for a particular airspace sub-category.    
name TextNameType The name given to an airspace by a responsible authority. Description: It should be written as published, with no significance to upper or lower case letters.    
designatorICAO CodeYesNoType A code indicating the Airspace designator is recorded in ICAO Doc. 7910.    
controlType CodeMilitaryOperationsType The primary organization type in terms of civil or military, providing air traffic services within a designated airspace.    
upperLowerSeparation ValFLType A flight level that indicates the division of airspace defined as lower and upper.    

Navigable associations to Airspace

From Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
AuthorityForAirspace isResponsibleFor 0..1 assignedAirspace The airspace that the OrganizationAuthority has assigned authority over.  
AirspaceVolume dependsOn 0..1 contributorAirspace A (parent) Airspace, whose geometry has an impact on the geometry of the AirspaceVolume.  
RulesProcedures appliesWithin 0..* affectedArea Airspace within which the rule or procedure is applicable.  
StandardLevelSector isAppliedInto 0..* applicableAirspace The Airspace for which the StandardLevelSector applies.  
InformationService concerns 0..* clientAirspace The Airspace about which the information is provided.  
AirTrafficControlService controls 0..* clientAirspace The airspace for which the air traffic separation service is provided.  
AirTrafficManagementService manages 0..* clientAirspace The Airspace for which the flight planning and air traffic management service is provided.  
SearchRescueService services 0..* clientAirspace The airspace where the search and rescue service is available.  
SignificantPointInAirspace isSituatedWithin 0..1 containingAirspace The Airspace containing the SignificantPointInAirspace.  
AirspaceBorderCrossing comesFrom 0..1 exitedAirspace The airspace the aircraft crosses from  
AirspaceBorderCrossing goesInto 0..1 enteredAirspace The airspace the aircraft enters.  
FlightConditionElementChoice 0..1 airspaceCondition A condition based on an Airspace.  
FlightRoutingElementChoice 0..1 airspaceElement Airspace which is impacted by a flight restriction.  
AerialRefuelling isProtectedBy 0..* protectingAirspace The airspace that protects the AerialRefuelling area.