Class - Route

<< feature >> Logical View.AIXM.AIXM Features.Routes.En-route
<<feature>> A specified route designed for channelling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services, from the end of the take-off and initial climb phase to the commencement of the approach and landing phase.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition    
designatorPrefix CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixType A prefix for the route designator, indicating whether the route is upper ATS, reserved for helicopters or reserved for supersonic flights.    
designatorSecondLetter CodeRouteDesignatorLetterType The letter of the route designator. Depending on the region, letters may have special significance with regard to the route usage limitations.    
designatorNumber NoNumberType The number of the route designator.    
multipleIdentifier CodeUpperAlphaType A suffix for the route designator, indicating alternates for homonymous routes (especially for military training routes).    
locationDesignator TextDesignatorType A textual description of the area in which a designated route is situated.    
name TextNameType A free text name by which the route is known.    
type CodeRouteType Route classification.    
flightRule CodeFlightRuleType A code indicating the flight rules to be observed by aircraft. For example, VFR and/or IFR.    
internationalUse CodeRouteOriginType A code indicating if the route segment is international or domestic.    
militaryUse CodeMilitaryStatusType A code indicating whether the route is for exclusive use by military aircraft.    
militaryTrainingType CodeMilitaryTrainingType A code indicating the type of military training activity for which the route has been designed.    

Navigable associations to Route

From Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
Airspace protectsRoute 0..1 protectedRoute The route protected by the airspace.  
RoutePortion isPartOf 0..1 referencedRoute The route referenced by the route portion.  
RouteSegment isPartOf 0..1 routeFormed The route formed by the Route Segments.