Class - Service

<< feature >> Abstract Logical View.AIXM.AIXM Features.Service
<<feature>> The provision of tangible goods, information, instructions, guidance, etc. to pilots, flights, aircraft operators and other personnel and institutions concerned with flight operations.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition    
flightOperations CodeFlightDestinationType The destination (arriving, departing, etc.) of the flights for which the information is provided.    
rank CodeFacilityRankingType The order of priority of the service, such as "primary" or "alternate".    
compliantICAO CodeYesNoType A code indicating whether the service is compliant with the ICAO standards and recommended practices specified for this type of service.    
name TextNameType A free text name by which the service is identified.    

Navigable associations to Service

From Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
VerticalStructure supports 0..* supportedService The service supported by the vertical structure.