This section provides information about training, commercial products, open source projects and on-line resources, which might be useful to both users of an AIXM-based system and developers of such systems.

  AIXM Forum - provides an interactive environment where you can ask questions and enter in contact with other AIXM stakeholders

  AIXM Wiki - provides information about various AIXM implementations, trials, extensions and contributions from various sources.

Note that a part of the current Wiki content, that is stable and is in fact part of the AIXM core documentation, will be moved to this Web site. The objective is to have a true Wiki, where various AIXM stakeholders can provide information about their implementations and solutions

  Training - some resources that might help when making the first steps in the AIXM world or when trying to get an overview of the AIXM capabilities and intended use

  Open source projects - provides information about software tools that are available under open source licenses and that are known to use AIXM

  Commercial products and services - provides information about AIXM tools and support that can be obtained from commercial companies

  AIXM Viewers - free tools that are offered by different entities and which can be used to visualise AIXM data sets