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AIXM 5.1 - XML Schema (XSD)

The first zip file contains the AIXM XML Schema files. These include the core AIXM Schema files as well as the Schemas for ISO 19136 and ISO 19139 and the AIXM Basic Message.

The second zip file contains the same files as the first, with just one difference: annotations are included in the AIXM XML Schemas, providing definitions of elements derived from the UML class model, for applications who need such annotated schema.

The schema is also available for on-line validation using the following URLs:

There is a direct link between the AIXM Conceptual Model and the AIXM XML Schema. The "UML to XSD" mapping document describes how the AIXM UML model classes and their properties are converted into the XML Schema types and elements.

Note: the AIXM 5.1 XSD includes an appinfo element that points to a GML profile for AIXM XSD (gml4aixm.xsd), which is not available. This XSD was expected to contain only the elements and attributes described in the GML Profile for aviation data (>>> OGC Discussion Paper 12-028). This XSD was finally made available in relation with the AIXM 5.1.1 version and the updated >>> OGC Discussion Paper 12-028r1. The GML Profile XSD for AIXM 5.1.1 is located at >>>