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Open Source Projects

This page lists all active open source projects that are known to be using AIXM 5

  Jumpstart (new link will be available soon, after the move to "OneSky Teams" is finalised)- a System Wide Information Management (SWIM)  demonstrator provided by Eurocontrol. It allows web services consumption for integration  and testing purpose. It now also runs as a web service provider for in-house developed web services. It is now the de facto main demonstrator for SWIM both as a client example application and a data integrator. It is a rich and complex application on a specific development platform (.Net) which makes it very specific to Windows 7 and later OS. Jumpstart is a tool to show all different groups of people what the possibilities are of SWIM and stimulate people/companies to start developing their own SWIM compatible tools.

Jumpstart also has some limited AIXM data creation/editing functions, such as the possibility to digitise an airport map with runway/taxiway elements. However, this functionality is intended strictly for creating test data and it shall never be used for creating or transforming operational data.

  SWIM Java XML Bindings - OSGi-compliant Java XML Bindings which can be used in SWIM software projects based on Java technology. The bindings cover a wide range of current SWIM standards including AIXM, FIXM, WXXM, IWXXM, AMXM and many of the available extensions, e.g., digital NOTAMs and FAA 56-day subscriptions.

The SWIM Java XML Bindings create Java classes from XML and vice versa, and allow application developers to focus on their application logic right from the start. They allow for easy marshalling and unmarshalling of SWIM data, and can be used in combination with Enterprise Java Web-Services to create SWIM services of any desired complexity and functionality. The bindings are intended to be used in Maven projects and establish proper dependencies where applicable.

The OSGi bundles will be maintained to reflect the latest standards and non-supported schemas will be included upon request. They are published on Maven Central including source code and Java documentation.

The SWIM Java XML Bindings are licensed and can be used according to the BSD-3-Clause.