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How can I visualise AIXM data on a map?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by those who start discovering AIXM. Although AIXM uses the Geography Markup Language (GML) standard, there are some particularities of the aeronautical data that require a bit of specialised processing, on top of the standard GML viewers.  This page lists a number of free AIXM Viewers that are available for download and local use.

(FAA) AIXM Viewer - [discontinued] an application developed by Luciad for FAA, offering a free solution for quickly visualising AIXM 5.0 and AIXM 5.1 data.

  (Luciad) AIXM Viewer - LuciadLightspeed offers support for AIXM 5 data visualisation in both 2D and 3D, compliant with ICAO symbology specifications. A list of supported features is provided on the AIXM Viewer web site.

  (Snowflake) ATM Viewer - enables users to visualise and interact with AIXM 5 and AIXM 5.1 data mapped to a virtual globe provided by NASA’s WorldWind SDK. A list of supported features is provided on the ATM Viewer web site. The viewer is no longer maintained, but the latest version can be obtained by contacting [email protected].

  (Eurocontrol) Jumpstart - an open source project that is intended to help developers to discover various SWIM technologies, it also provides AIXM viewing capabilities