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AIXM 5.1 Business Rules - version 0.8

Version 0.8 is an update of version 0.7.2, compared to which it contains:

  • editorial corrections
  • additional rules in the EAD profile (meant to protect the backwards mapping to AIXM 4.5)
  • some changes to the error levels of the EAD rules

The following items are provided:

  • a new XML version of the rules, which preserves the information about templates used in the definition of many rules;
  • a tabular version, extracted from the XML version, in both HTML and Excel format


Detailed list of changes between version 0.7.2 and version 0.8


  • Rules EC542 and EC543 corrected to use Point, not ElevatedPoint for checking the accuracy value
  • Rule 1A85B6 corrected to use ‘dependsOn Airspace’ instead of  ‘dependsOn AirspaceVolume’ (which was wrong)
  • Rules C2D36 C2D37 a missing “.uom”  was added (“minimumLimit.uom” and “maximumLimit.uom” respectively)
  • Removed "aixm:" prefix from the AIXM class name in the Excel sheet column - DE699, DE69B, DE69C, DE69D, DE69E, DE6A0, 128630, A4100, C96A8
  • Rules 1A2F5F, 1A2FCB, 1A2F39, 1A2F59, 1A2FB4, 1A2FC9, 1A2F88, 1A2F63, 1A2FAF, 1A2FA3,1A2F4C - added missing properties derived from the SignificantPoint choices in the list of Note.propertyName. However, because of the AIXM 5.1 limitation  that does not allow "_" to be used in the TextPropertyNameType, these property names are written without "_" and do not correspond exactly to the name of the XML element. This will be corrected when the same rules are published for AIXM 5.1.1.
  • Rules 1A2F25,  1A2F27, 1A2F2E, 1A2F36, 1A2F37, 1A2F6C, 1A2F74, 1A2F96, 1A2FB1, 1A2F65, 1A2F45, 1A2F76, 1A2F8D, 1A2F9F, 1A2FB9, 1A2FBA, 1A2FD3, 1A2FD6, 1AC3AC, 1AC3A4, 1AC3A8, 1AC3CE,  - removed the "_" or "-" (as applicable) from the list of allowed propertyName values, because of the same limitation mentioned above.
  • Rules 1AC3B4, 1A2F62, 1A2F63, 1A2F76, 1A2F78, 1A2F94, 1A2FB9, 1A2FBA,  1A2FC9, - converted first letter of the property into lower case, as the current data type patern for propertyName does not allow first letter to be upper case.
  • Rule 1B09E1, 1B09E2 - corrected SBVR - the previous version was not clear what is mandatory
  • Rule 9FAB0 - corrected spelling of hasGeometry association name


Deleted rules:

  • Rule 1A85B3 is removed, it was wrong (RoutePortion is not a feature, therefore no referential integrity check is necessary)
  • Rules 1A3329, 1A33C4 - removed because VerticalStructurePart can also have line or polygon geometry, which were not considered in these rules. Dedicated rules for VerticalStructurePart will be added.
  • Rules 5340E, 5340C, 53418, 5340F, 53410, 5340A  - removed because they were referring to an object, not a feature


Additional rules
  • New rules for GeoBorder and Airspace vertex tolerance to the related GeoBorder - 1B4478, 1A0FE0
  • Surface dependency to GeoBorder for AirspaceVolume  - 1AC778, 4BED8
  • Uniqueness of the operationSequence for AirspaceVolume aggregations - 19FC58
  • constraint for Character1 data type, that two special characters cannot be consecutive - affects OrganisationAuthority.designator - 1A17B1
  • Rules 1A17B2 to 1A17B4 - constraint for Character1 data type, that two special characters cannot be consecutive - affects SID, STAR, FlightProcedure designator
  • Rules 1A65D1 to 1A65D4 - do not allow ElevatedPoint or ElevatedCurve as child elements in Curve and Surface/ElevatedSurface - does not make sense and the elevation data risks to be ignored
  • Rule 15BA80 - limit Route multipleIdentifier to values allowed by AIXM 4.5 (based on Annex 11)
  • Rules 159371, 159372 - forbid the use of 'NaN' in gml:pos and gml:posList
  • Rules 1583D1… to 1583DA - ensure that certain navaid types are composed with the right equipment, in order to ensure the backwards mapping to AIXM 4.5.
  • Rules DA049, DA04B, DA04B, DA04A, DA431, DA436, DA434, DA433, DA432, DA435, 1B4861, C6F99, 110761, 1141F9.... 1141FC, DAC1, 1B5031 - ensure the uniqueness of the properties that compose the AIXM 4.5 Uid (and protect the backwards mapping to AIXM 4.5 in EAD)
  • Rules 52468, DDAE0 - ensure that MKR beacons have 75 MHZ frequency
  • Rules 104028, 1B7740, 1B6F70, 1B7358 - ensure that VOR frequencies are between 108.0 and 117.95 MHZ with 50 KHZ spacing
  • Rules 1B5419 and 1B541A - mandatory horizontal projection and elevation for VerticalStructurePart (replacing rules 1A3329, 1A33C4, which did not consider the line and polygon possibilities for geometry)
  • Rules 1A2FD3 - allowable values for the list of Note.propertyType
  • Rules 1B5801, 1B5802 - prevent a type change between airport/heliport that is not allowed in the EAD
  • Rule 877F8 - mandatory pattern for RunwayDirection.designator in order to ensure backwards mapping in EAD
  • Rule 1A33F0 - mandatory channel for DME in order to ensure backwards mapping in EAD
  • Rule 6979, 697A - ensure that upper limit value is equal-to or higher-than the lower limit for certain classes
  • Rule 16760 - prevent Airspace type change (not supported in EAD)
  • Rules 1B5BE9, 1B5BEA - ensure values for start/end angles in ArcByCenterPoint
  • Rules 53423, 53424, 5341F, 5341D, 5341E, 5342A, 53426, 53427, 53420, 53428, 53421, 53422, 53425, 53429 - prevent the upload in EAD of unsupported features (such as FlightRestriction)
  • Rules  1DC93, 1DC94, 1DC95, 1DC99, 1DC9A, 1DC9B, 1DC9C, 1DC9D, 1DCA0 - prevent the upload in EAD of features that have unsupported properties (such as Apron.contaminant, etc.)


Changed profile:
  • all rules for Mandatory Unit of measurement are now EAD: Error
  • 1B1D69... to 1B1D6D - these rules were originally introduced in the EAD:Error profile in order to protect the backwards mapping to AIXM 4.5. The rules do no longer seem to be required by EAD
  • Rule 1B09E1, 1B09E2 - added in the EAD:Error profile
  • Rules  1A13CB, 1A13CD, 1A13DA, 1A13CC, 1A13CE, 1A13DB, 1A4A7F, 1A4A8F, 1A4A7C, 1A4A7D, 1A4A7E,  1A4A90, 1E849, 1E84A, 1E84B, 1E84C  -  changed to EAD:Error (instead of EAD:Warning)


How to report issues

For comments and suggestions please use the copy of the tabular version available here (registration required, please see: how to contribute)