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AIXM 5.1 Business Rules - version 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 is applied in EAD starting with Release 15.2 and comprises the following updates to the rules of the EAD profile:

Rule ID

Change type


Change description

397135, 1AC3CDnewPointUsage role versus SignificantPointInAirspace typeNew rule to prevent conflictual information between SignificantPointInAirspace.type and PointUsage.role
4269, 426A, 1B1599, 1B159Acorrectionrule should count only horizontalProjectionsModified rule to count only geometryComponent.AirspaceVolume.horizontalProjection

The following items are provided:

  • an XML version of the rules, which preserves the information about templates used in the definition of many rules;
  • a tabular version, extracted from the XML version, in both HTML and Excel format