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AIXM 5.0 Specification

Data Model (UML)

The AIXM 5.0 Data Model was created with the IBM Rational Rose Data Modeller and it is available in several formats, including the original .mdl file.

  AIXM 5.0 Data Model (UML)

XML Schema (XSD)

Tthe AIXM 5.0 XML Schema was automatically generated from the AIXM 5.0 UML Model by using a script, which works with the .mdl model. The resulting schema, together with further infromation is available through the link below.

  AIXM 5.0 XML Schema (XSD)

Temporality Concept

Aeronautical information has a very strong relation with time. Changes occur at predefined effective dates and are promulgated in advance; information may be valid for specific periods; the expired information needs to be archived for legal investigation purposes; aeronautical information systems are usually requested to store and to provide both the current situation and the future changes. The purpose of the AIXM Temporality Concept is to enable modelling this relation and to provide rules for data encoding in relation with time aspects.

 AIXM Temporality Concept (version 0.5)

Feature identification and reference

The AIXM 5.0 schema uses the XLink schema bundled with GML 3.2 for representing a reference between two features. At the time when AIXM 5.0 was released, no particular guidance was provided with regard to the use of xlink:href in AIXM data sets. It has soon become clear that lack of guidance would cause interoperability issue. Therefore, a guidance document was developed and published in relation with the following AIXM 5.1 version. As this guidance document is also used by many AIXM 5.0 implementations, a link towards it is provided here.

 AIXM Feature Identification and Reference (version 1.0)

Application Schema and Extensions

The core AIXM model provides the definition of standardised aeronautical information features.  The purpose of the AIXM Application Schema concept is to enable a community of interest to develop extensions of AIXM core features with new attributes or associations or define new features, which are only relevant for that community. This might also come with specific messages that are necessary and eventually restrict the content of these messages to a sub-set of the AIXM features.

►  AIXM 5.0 Application Schema and Extensions