The eSDO.wiz@rd for more than 15 years provides its users with integrated quality management system for the collecting, validating, maintaining, storing and distribution of: 



Key features of eSDO.wiz@rd solution: 

  • AIXM 5.1 compliant plus custom extensions
  • Workflow driven data maintenance
  • Full temporality (pact/current/future versions of data)
  • Full data changes history (who/when/what/how/why)
  • Configurable metadata
  • Origination interfaces for data originators
  • Extensive customizable validation
  • CRC-32q integrity protection
  • Import/Export in common (AIXM 4.5/5.1) and custom formats
  • 3rd party system access via web services


The eSDO.wiz@rd database is fully compliant with Aeronautical Information Conceptual and Exchange Models (AICM/AIXM) 5.1. The implementation ensures extensibility for relations and additional entities or attributes according to national or other requirements such as from airlines. Full temporality principle allows storage of an unlimited number of past and future versions of the data together with the effective one.

The eSDO.wiz@rd workflow ensures that the raw data received is assessed, approved and stored in a predetermined sequence and that all actions are legally recorded. This function is compliant with RTCA/EUROCAE Document DO-200A/ED-76, European Commission Regulation No. 73/2010 (ADQ) and fulfils all requirements to backtrace all activities from initial source and value to final use and value within the eSDO.wiz@rd

Tailored origination interfaces allow direct data entry by data originators. In order to significantly enhance the integrity of manually entered data, eSDO.wiz@rd supports a so-called 4-eye mode where every change in data has to be performed by two different operators. Only when the changes have been entered in the same way can they be committed to the operational database. 

The eSDO.wiz@rd is fully integrated on data and workflow level with other Avitech tools like eAIP.wiz@rd for generation of aeronautical publications, eMAP.wiz@rd for generation of aeronautical charts as well with AviSuite – our NOTAM, FLP and PIB solution. 3rd party applications can be easily integrated using Aeronautical Exchange Layer (AXL) providing number of different services (including WFS and WMS). 

The eSDO.wiz@rd provides also interface for integration with EAD allowing bi-directional exchange of data (submission of national data changes and processing of foreign changes received from EAD). 

The implementation of the requirements of the European Commission Regulation No. 73/2010 (ADQ) as well as of related Eurocontrol means of compliance (DQR, DAL, AIX specifications) and Static Data Procedures (SDP) is ensured. The current database conforms to AIXM 4.5 and AIXM 5.1 and is always ready for its successor editions in the future.

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