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The Esri Aeronautical Solution is a data-driven GIS-based enterprise platform for managing aeronautical data and rapidly producing high-quality charts that adhere to industry and organization-specific requirements. The Solution features a fully compliant and user extensible AIXM geodatabase supported by a robust suite of AIXM compliant import and export tools. This allows seamless integration with the European AIS Database (EAD) and your existing procedure design and Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) applications capable of working with AIXM data.

Built upon the world’s leading GIS platform, ArcGIS, the Esri Aeronautical Solution provides new opportunities to leverage your aeronautical data within your organization and across your user community. Using a standards-based service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach and out of the box applications you can easily deploy content and applications to mobile devices, rich web clients or to a secure cloud-based collaboration portal such as Esri also supports robust development platforms such as Flex, Silverlight, JavaScript, iOS, and Android allowing you to develop custom applications specific to your unique business requirements. Only the Esri Aeronautical Solution provides a complete GIS-based enterprise solution for aeronautical data management. 

Key features

The Esri Aeronautical Solution includes data management tools, database models, cartographic functionality, automated quality control tools and workflow management components that enable you to:

  • Edit data once and have all of the charts using that data updated automatically.
  • Streamline data editing operations with aeronautical-specific tools and a robust, map-based workspace for visual editing.
  • Create, maintain, and update aeronautical charts with database-driven cartography that includes ICAO compliant symbology, labels, and chart surround elements.
  • Perform quality control and data review via logical and spatial checks, statistical sampling, and batch rule-based data validation.
  • Use or customize the included ICAO complaint samples and templates to create your production specifications and styles quickly.
  • Manage both GIS and non-GIS enterprise workflows.
  • Support ICAO charting, AIXM, and Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD) standards.
  • Leverage EAD data.
  • Automatically generate FAR Part 77 and ICAO Annex 14 and 15 Obstruction Identification Surfaces.
  • Leverage your authoritative aeronautical content across multiple platforms. 

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