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About GroupEAD

GroupEAD is a unique AISP that provides AIM services to a big variety of ANSP, CAA and associated customers. GroupEAD’s services include a wide choice of training courses which can be customised to any required level of complexity and knowledge.

We are active participants in the different forums in regards to the development and improvement to the AIXM data model and in general to AIM data systems implementation.

Our operational expertise and our technical background provide our customer a unique added value, being able to speak both operational and technical business languages.


AIXM Training Courses


The experience we have as administrators of the EAD for more than 10 years has given us the opportunity to be the very first users of systems implementing the different versions of AIXM developed so far. This has allowed us to gain enough expertise and confidence to offer a set of worldwide unique training courses that covers from the study of the conceptual model in ERD/UML, the XML schema, up to the data manipulation and raw data transformation to XML for bulk uploads or massive data analysis.

Our training courses reveal all the secrets behind the aeronautical and technical concepts that IT and operational staff need to know in order to successfully maintain and implement an AIXM structured database.


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