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IDS AeroDB stores all aeronautical data used for production activities like publishing and charting and exchanges data with various users for design and other purposes (Flight procedure designers, airspace designers, navaids assessments, simulation etc.) and with other external departments through automation means. 

Compliance is guaranteed with the AIXM/AICM, ARINC, and ICAO standards and not limited to data structure but encompasses the AIXM v5 temporality model and metadata structure. ICAO-compatible rules are provided as a baseline for charting and publishing production and can be used for training. The database allow customers to extend it to suit specific custom requirements IAS AeroDB can be customized by creating adding, deleting or modifying tables and attributes or by creating or modifying relations between tables.

Customization is supported in predefined schema extension points, as defined by AICM/AIXM v5, ensuring the database structure remains compliant irrespective of the customizations made. Some adaptations have been made to transform AICM model into an implementation model and to ensure better support for other aeronautical data exchange formats, e.g. :

  • Tables and columns have been added to better map ARINC and DAFIF formats;
  • Multi-language capability has been added to support multi-lingual AIP generation.


A default set of validation rules is included and defined according to AIXM/AICM specification and can be modified according to specific requirements.
Data integrity is ensured by the use of ICAO compliant Cyclic Redundancy Checks.

AIXM import and export functionalities are available both for AIXM v.3.3 – v.4.5 and v5.0.X. All future AIXM versions will be supported in the system once released.

AIM / AIS systems rely on the integration between static and dynamic aeronautical data, IDS aeronautical tools have the ability to store NOTAM messages and serve them to integrated IDS tools. 

This complete data integration will become a reality with the adoption of the AIXM v5.X’s ability to manage dynamic data as a result of the digital NOTAM (xNOTAM) initiative. As it is based on AICM/AIXM v5 and supports the management of temporary data, the IDS AeroDB is technically ready to directly manage and store temporary information in AIXM v5 format. IDS is closely following the latest developments in this field, proven by its participation in the Eurocontrol xNOTAM Trial, to ensure to offer direct xNOTAM connection capability as soon as relevant standards are put in place. 

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