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The Aviation Data Validation Platform

Data validation is typically used to make sure that incoming data has a certain quality. Validation can occur for various reasons, for example if it is suspected that the incoming data doesn't have good quality or because there is a certain SLA in place. The Aviation Data Validation Platform allows aviation stake holders to define rules to describe what the aviation data exchanged via SWIM should look like. This can be a value range, a distinct list of values or data lengths but also more complex semantic based rules. It is is best described as one-stop-shop for aeronautical data quality assurance, which allows for an unlimited amount of validation rules to be quickly applied in a single step on the incoming or outgoing data streams.

The solution includes:

  • Syntactic validation based on aviation XML data schemas such as AIXM 5.1, FIXM, WXXM)
  • Semantic validation based on rules encoded using platform independent SBVR language (support for EUROCONTROL AIXM 5.1 Business Rules set - latest version - is included)
  • High performance validation and business rule execution engine based on Schematron for XSLT
  • Web based front-end with visual tools and validation rule management
  • SWIM Yellow Profile compatible RESTfull API for integration into users' validation process flows

The validation/business rules and aviation data schemas are logically organised into units of work called “profile”. Each profile contains the combination of aviation data schemas and validation/business rules. The Profiles are all exposed via an unique URL. In the current version the platform supports AIXM 5.1 Business Rules provided by EUROCONTROL with additional profiles for Digital NOTAM validation.

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