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About Luciad

Luciad provides software components for the development of advanced geospatial awareness applications. Its LuciadLightspeed product is used in many applications for connecting to, visualizing and analyzing aeronautical information. These applications cover all aspects of modern ATM systems, from airspace management and trajectory support tools to airport operations.

Customers appreciate the value Luciad brings to their development efforts, as they find that their application development time is drastically reduced, and the performance and accuracy of their applications dramatically increase.

Luciad pioneered the AIXM technology market with its commercial visualization implementation, used early on in the FAA AIXM 5 Viewer, which was the result of the excellent working relationships between Luciad, EUROCONTROL, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


LuciadLightspeed AIXM features and benefits

LuciadLightspeed offers full support for AIXM 5 data and Digital NOTAMs. This includes the following features and benefits:

  • Develop using LuciadLightspeed components, which have been designed to be extensible, and which easily integrate into any existing application


  • Connect to aeronautical data:

• Read from files and OGC services
• Capture all AIXM features
• Proven support for AIXM 3.3, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.1, and other aeronautical standards, like ARINC- 424 and DAFIF(T)

  • Analyze and process AIXM 5 information:

• Verify AIXM 5 data
• Convert data to and from AIXM 5
• Make extensions to the AIXM 5 standard
• Fit into the ADQ regulations

  • Visualize aeronautical data:

• In both 2D and 3D
• Intuitively create and edit AIXM 5 data
• Compliant with ICAO symbology specifications

  • Share aeronautical data:

• Store the AIXM 5 data in files
• Distribute the data through OGC services, with added ISO metadata standards support

  • Full support for AIXM 5:

• All AIXM 5 features
• Full AIXM 5 temporality model, including the automatic calculation of snapshot time slices
• AIXM 5 extensions, such as the EUROCONTROL Airspace Data Repository or the FAA Special Activity Airspace
• Xlink/XPath resolution
• Represent any airspace feature: aggregations, corridors, airspace borders incorporating other features such as geopolitical borders 

Luciad’s AIXM 5 support extends beyond LuciadLightspeed. To manage and fuse large amounts of aeronautical data, Luciad offers LuciadFusion. To visualize aeronautical data for many users with access to an internet browser, use LuciadRIA, Luciad’s development solution for Rich Internet Applications.

Eurocontrol and the FAA were early adopters of the Luciad AIXM capability. Examples of projects including the Luciad AIXM components are the FAA AIXM viewer and the FAA SUA program. 
As the AIXM 5 format gains importance, Luciad’s customers increasingly include the Luciad AIXM 5 capability in their operational systems. 

Luciad keeps focusing on further research, for example via the OGC OWS initiatives, the OGC SAA dissemination pilot, and the Eurocontrol Digital Notam trials.


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