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Pulsar Consulting ATM department is dedicated to offer competitive IT solutions and implementations for ATM Related Systems. With nearly 20 years IT experience in different ATM Areas, 15 years on AIXM models and versions, and many web applications built around AIXM, Pulsar Consulting brings various IT services and Technical Expertise to answer to AIXM complexity. Pulsar offers general services as Experts/Implementers, based on its agile-like methodology, on result orientation, and on fixed price implementation. Not being product owner, there is no potential conflict of interest with client's needs, and no dependency on AIS COTS or other supplier's technologies, which enables best choices related to client's requests.

Top 10 project references:

  • Digital SNOWTAM Pre-Operational (AIXM 5.1)
  • AIXM 5.1 Business Rules
  • Digital NOTAM Trial (AIXM 5.0)
  • AIXM5 Wiki (AIXM 5.1)
  • ANIM Model (AICM 5-based)
  • SDO - AIXM 3.3 Mapping
  • AICM/AIXM 4.5 eLearning
  • AICM/AIXM 4.5 Model Schema
  • EAD/ESI/ENA AIXM 3.3 Mapping Packages
  • Digital NOTAM AIXM Schema Development (AIXM 3.3)

Issued from a joint effort of EUROCONTROL and FAA, the AIXM model, latest aeronautical model with 15 years history, including major versions like AIXM 3.3, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.1 has become a world-wide recognized model and is more and more implemented in many AIS systems. 

In every implementation based on AIXM a particular attention must be brought by developers to the following improvements with important technical impact: Temporality implementation in the database, the GML usage and geographical representation and standards (WFS, KML, etc), and the Metadata implementation.


In the image below you can discover the Pulsar AIXM competencies and some examples of applications.  






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