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Frequentis AIM Solution

The Frequentis group’s aeronautical information management (AIM) solution is a complete system landscape of modular components that provide full interoperability along the digital aeronautical data chain. It is designed to automate the maintenance and publication of Aeronautical Information ensuring high quality.

The modular system design of the Frequentis AIM product portfolio is based on CADAS-AIMDB as central Aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB implementing the latest AIXM 5.x version. CADAS-AIMDB is a fully featured AIXM 5 database that implements the temporality model as defined in version 5 of AIXM.

Based on SOA principles CADAS-AIMDB allows to create a net-centric AIM system. The open interfaces are fully in-line with contemporary SWIM concepts and assure compatibility to SESAR and NextGen system architectures.

CADAS-AIMDB has been designed to serve as a base for integrating AIM applications and components such as data origination, electronic AIP, charting, procedure design, NOTAM offices or briefing.

Focussing on AIXM 5.x, the Frequentis AIM product suite CADAS at a glance and not limited to:

  • Central Database supporting AIXM 5.1
  • Full AIXM 5.1 data set and terrain data support
  • AIXM 4.5 and ARINC 424 support
  • Business Rules for data validation and consistency checks
  • ADQ compliant workflows (based in BPMN 2.0)
  • Data Set publication
  • Digital NOTAM
  • SWIM Services
  • OGC compliant interfaces
  • Data-driven traditional AIP and chart creation
  • Smooth migration from previous AIXM versions
  • EAD integration

For further information please visit the Frequentis website (Link:

Smart AIM

In addition Frequentis provides the EAD system, called smartAIM. smartAIM is an integrated, net-centric and SWIM-compatible solution designed to automate the management of Aeronautical Information. The solution is the basis for EAD and currently deployed at 700 AIS/AIM positions (EAD and non-EAD) to meet customer needs worldwide. smartAIM is a platform that integrates an AIXM data repository with various functions such as NOTAM management, briefing, flight plan management and METEO management, digital charting, digital AIP authoring and a state-of-the-art AMHS system.

  • Architecture: SmartAIM is a service-oriented architecture (SOA)and  fully-independent large-scale multisite/multi-cluster disaster recovery solution.
  • Supports insourcing and outsourcing: smartAIM is designed to support both kinds of service provisions. EAD clients can choose to provide services to their peer organizations for some /all AIM tasks and/or choose to make use of services offered by others.
  • Standards compliance: smartAIM offers a SOA-compatible access layer compliant with OGC Web Services. As a member of the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), smartAIM complies with all relevant ICAO SARPS and documents.
  • Safety first - Efficacity at the same time: Safety is the primary concern of AIM and a safety case for smartAIM is available: the suite is SWAL 3 compliant.