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TopSky - AIM                                                                                                         


  • TopSky - AIM includes a complete set of interoperable components covering the full range of AIM functions.
  • All components are fully independant and are designed to be smoothly integrated within ANSP existing solutions.
  • Can be fully integrated into TopSky – ATC.


  • High-end components for all AIM related tasks
  • Centralized AIXM 5.1.1 Database
  • Sustainable product policy shared with customers
  • Compliant with latest ICAO and EASA standards
  • ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades Block 0 and Block 1 compliant
  • Adaptable to all customer configurations: single site, multi-site installation, operational, disaster and recovery configuration
  • On demand data migration services (static data, AIP, charts, procedures)


25 AIM references deployed in 46 countries including 12 in AIXM5.1


TopSky - AIM has the following high-end components:

  • TopSky - AIXM: aeronautical information database management component
  • TopSky - AIS: NOTAM office and flight preparation services component
  • TopSky - Internet Briefing: complementary component of TopSky - AIS dedicated to the FPL submission and integrated briefing services through the Internet
  • TopSky - eAIP: electronic AIP production and publication component
  • TopSky - GéoTITAN® by CGX AERO & ENAC: Procedure design expert component provided by ENAC (French Civil Aviation University) and CGx AERO
  • TopSky – Charting by CGX AERO: Comprehensive aeronautical charting component
  • TopSky - Airspace Design by CGX AERO: Automated and database driven Airspace and ENROUTE data design
  • TopSky - Obstacles and AMDB by CGX AERO: Flexible and smart obstacles and AMDB data management and assessment tool (eTOD, OLS)


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