TopSky - AIM is a complete set of state-of-the-art modules (AIS, AIXM Database, eAIP, Charting, Procedure Design and Internet Briefing) integrated with automation centres. Thales is the only player with high-end solution in both ATM and AIM. Thales offers a solution for a smooth migration from AIS to AIM, and field proven solutions operated by major ANSPs. 
TopSky-AIM is compliant with ICAO ASBU Block 0 and Block 1. 

TopSky - AIXM Database is compliant with latest AIXM 5 standard and allows

the consolidation of all aeronautical data used within a state or company organization. This database contains aeronautical information used to develop the national aeronautical charts and the national AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).


Key Features

  • Central and unique source of aeronautical data for all the TopSky - AIM components: TopSky - eAIP (electronic AIP production and publication), TopSky - AIS (NOTAM and briefing office), AIP-GIS® (Aeronautical Charts production)
  • Operator focused dual screen HMI: - 1 screen for the textual data input - 1 screen for the data geographical validation
  • Graphical viewer
  • Full implementation of AIXM 5.1 Business Rules: validation of full database or selected entities
  • On-line customizable HMI
  • Full management of AIXM 5.1 temporality concept
  • Advanced database consistency mechanisms



  • SESAR AIM services (WFS Web Services) AIXM 4.5 to AIXM 5.1 mapping function
  • Import/export in several standard formats


System Architecture

  • J2E architecture, full Java application
  • Model driven architecture for easy follow-up of AIXM versions
  • Graphical component based on market leader GIS
  • Adaptable to all customer configurations: single site, multi-site installation, operational and disaster and recovery configuration
  • AIXM 5 extension support


Standards Compliance



Added-value Services

  • Data migration from customer proprietary format to AIXM format
  • Implementation of customer specific entities and business rules
  • Software training allowing the customer’s technical team to perform the software customization tasks

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